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The Overstory by Richard Powers

If you have read any of my past book reviews you would know I followed a theme. We read a lot of books about trees, we learned a lot of great facts and witnessed some wondrous revelations.
But man do I have a book for you if you have any affinity or affiliation with trees. The Overstory by Richard Powers is a novel and an amazing feat of writing.
I love to read and this book makes you giddy in love with knowing how to read and it makes you really appreciate good writing. This book starts out like a series of short stories about interesting but flawed people.
You get to feel what they feel, understand their world view as if you're in their skins. Trees capture their imaginations Then you learn about the next person and how trees are so central to their lives. Then the most amazing thing happens, their lives converge. Now, don't get me wrong, I still learned a ton of things about trees, different personalities of trees but mostly how they communicate. How generous trees are and how they care for one another in a forest. You can never look at a forest the same way after reading this book. It is thrilling at times but carries the most important message that our times have to divulge. It is our time to fix things, to be on the winning side, to plant forests of trees. I wish I were able to write as
good a review of this book as what you'll find on Google or Amazon. Mostly this is one book you should not miss and will have a hard time putting down.
You will be happy you read this book. Great summer reading and when we meet up later in the fall we can all share in our views of The Overstory.
photo of Jerry Allison and his grandson
Jerry Allison is a Past President of CLCA Central Coast Chapter.
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Jerry is pictured here with his grandson, Braydon.